What is an Artist Anyhow?

Ohhhh…here we go with THAT question again.

I’ve been struggling with this concept for some time now (read: years).

What’s the big deal? Is a person required to have a shiny diploma from the ‘Pie-In-The-Sky’ Art School to earn the title? I used to believe that to be true you see, because that’s one of the things I lack (and long for).

I am unable to intelligently discuss the history and evolution of art. I have limited knowledge of artsy jargon. I rarely visit art museums.

So how could I consider myself an ARTIST?

Now let’s move on to some things that I do know:

  • I make art.
  • I have a passion for what I am doing with my life that I never thought I would find.
  • I surprise myself constantly.
  • I am breaking some molds and finally enjoying it!

Let me expand on that last one just a bit…

You see, I make ‘art’ by taking old shipping pallets and other junk and turning them into well…art. Part of my struggle with all of this ‘artist’ stuff has been explaining to other people what exactly it is that I do. How many people have heard of an environmental artist? If I had a nickel for every time a person has looked at me as if I had three heads!

How easy it would be to say, “Oh, why yes, I am an artist, I paint…” (…or photograph, design jewelery…I think you get my point).

But somewhere along the line, my perspective has begun to shift. I am more confident in myself and my work. I acknowledge the support system that surrounds me (you know who you are). And I’d like to say,

“Hello World! I’m Beth Anderson, and yes, I am an artist!”

Introduce yourself, I can’t wait to get to know you!


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