What a Gift

What a Gift

Do you happen to remember your very first friend in life?

If the answer is no, then that friend was not named Sarah Bowman.

Sarah and I met in nursery school and became fast friends. With our matching tow heads, sparkly blue eyes and Big Wheels, we laughed ourselves silly, skinned our knees, and caused our mothers to shake their heads wondering what we would get into next.

As life happens, we took separate roads through elementary school, as I rocked my knee socks and green plaid jumper, Sarah went to the other school and, even in our small town, we kind of lost touch.

Fast forward through life to November 2022 when I received a message from my old friend asking me to paint a commission to commemorate her two year wedding anniversary.

“I would love to! When is your anniversary?” I replied.

“Oh, it’s on Thursday…” said Sarah.

Laughing out loud, my heart sang as I recalled that silly friend of mine and realized that while she had to have grown up, the best parts of her are still intact.

Sarah shared some photos with me as we debated back and forth about the subject matter, and when she sent this one, I just had to do a mockup with fingers crossed that this would be the chosen picture.

You see, Sarah caddies for her beloved wife and I absolutely love this moment in time that someone was able to capture.

I sent Sarah two mockup options, this being one of them, and obviously, to my delight, this is the one she chose for me to paint.

After what seemed like an eternity of anticipation, we managed to deliver the finished painting, “I’ll Find You a Woman”,  just in time for Alena’s birthday.

And here you see where the piece now calls home.

As Sarah and I were so eager for Alena to receive this painting, it occurred to me that the true gift was given to me.

The opportunity to reconnect with my long lost friend and get a glimpse into her current life and love is not something you come across every day.

What a gift, indeed.


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