Animal Spirit Guide: Eagle


Harness the healing power and energy of the Eagle.

This acrylic painting has layer upon layer of paint along with the handwritten description and explanation of the Eagle.

Although the original painting has been sold, museum quality reproductions are available for purchase. All artwork is sold unframed.

Each piece of artwork comes with a complete description of the subject matter including:
“If EAGLE shows up, it means:…..”
“Call on EAGLE when:…”

The Animal Spirit Guide Series is inspired by Dr. Steven Farmer’s Book, “Animal Spirit Guides”, all text is shared with written permission from the Author.

Painting reference photo courtesy of Wesley Berg Photography.

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Museum Quality Print, matted, 11"x14", Museum Quality Print, matted, 8"x10", Museum Quality Print, torn edge, unmatted, 8"x10", Original Art 16"x20"

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