It’s Not All About the Art

(this post originally published August 10, 2012)

Labor Day weekend will mark the two-year anniversary of my joining this crazy world of arts festivals. As hard as that is to believe, I have learned so much in that amount of time. The most important lesson so far?

It’s not all about the art!

What does that mean?

Well you see, I got into this business of art accidentally. My degree in Communication Science and Disorders did little to prepare me for the life I am living now. Looking back at my college years now, I realize that I enjoyed exactly TWO of my college courses… Cultural Anthropology and Phonetics (which is like solving puzzles). Sure wish I would’ve seen those red flags flying as I struggled through Hearing Science and cadaver labs! But, as they say, hindsight is 20/20…

Anyhow, it has taken me a while to realize that there is a helluva lot more to selling art than just making art!

One of the most important aspects to exhibiting art is the booth display. Today, I am going to share with you the progression of my booth from my very first show to now. Which, for the record, is STILL a work in progress!

My very first display I pulled together in about 15 minutes in a panic after realizing that I hadn’t even considered this aspect of exhibiting!

Next, my Dad made easels when, once again, I was in a panic…. Thanks Dad!

Then I went with a stand that I built out of pallets. Very sturdy, but took close to three hours to assemble!

Finally, my most recent booth design, with subsequent tweaking. Again, my dad came to the rescue in helping with the design.

So what do I mean saying, “It’s not all about the art”? My point is, it has taken me two over four years to create an atmosphere within my booth. With an atmosphere, I can communicate my vision non-verbally. The rustic feel of the burlap combined with the reclaimed wood as well as the clean lines and lack of clutter is my first step in appealing to my ideal client.

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